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Yacon Village Learning Community

Fostering Passion for Life-long Learning

We support passionate learning by providing a low stress learning environment for children and teens to gain a variety of skills, including life, interpersonal, academic, artistic and more.
No grades. No testing. Just learning.

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Yacon Village is a full-service learning community that serves the Capital Region and surrounding areas.

  • We encourage families to attend together.
  • We have programs for students ages 4-18, with special emphasis on students ages 10-16.
  • We are open regular hours during the week, with some evening and weekend hours.
  • We offer support and activities for homeschoolers during the school year.

Our programs include:

  • Project Fairs, including an annual Science Fair at the Empire State Plaza
  • Student-run clubs
  • Mentor-run clubs
  • Skills classes
  • Interdisciplinary academic classes
  • Classes offered by outside teachers
Reasonable prices allow families of any size to participate without breaking the bank.
     Blog Post about Unstructured Learning by Paul Roundy, PhD.- pdf version